Advertising Without an Axe to Grind

I made a discovery – Google Translate interprets idiomatic expressions. I mean, not word to word as some other applications, but it finds analogs in the language in which the text is translated. For example, the Russian saying, “Делать из мухи слона (Make an elephant out of a fly)” will be converted to a familiar to English speakers phrase with the same meaning, “Make a mountain out of a molehill” or another one, “Заблудиться в трёх соснах (Lost in three pine trees)” will become, “Lost in broad daylight.”

Some ideas can be expressed deeper and more clearly with help of idiomatic expressions. Idioms are acquired gradually throughout childhood and adulthood and can’t be quickly absorbed by adults who started learning, in this case, English as a second language. This feature is extremely useful for such people, including myself.