Stock Photography Licenses

What is a stock photography license?
A stock photography license is an agreement in which the photographer, who owns the copyright to an image, grants specific usage rights to the purchaser of that image. The license outlines the scope in which the image may be used by the licensee.

Rights-Managed and Royalty-Free
Stock photography industry breaks down into two dominant model types – a rights-managed a royalty-free. While there are other licensing models in stock photography, I will only outline these two because they are the most commonly used in the stock photography industry.

Keyword Tool for Stock Photographers

A few days ago I launched an online controlled vocabulary aimed towards stock photographers. If you sell photos through searchable photo collections, you know how important keywords are. Also, you know how time consuming image tagging is. This tool helps quickly find relevant keywords in the database based on your search term. The interface makes it easy to refine the list of keywords further.

Keyword Tool for Stock Photographers.